Wake Forest Alumni Resources

​When you join our active and widespread alumni community after graduation, you are never further than a phone call, email or handshake away from an old friend, new colleague or exciting business opportunity. Meanwhile, you can help maintain the University’s reputation for higher social purpose through community service while strengthening and leveraging Wake Forest alumni resources, ensuring that your degree gains value for life.

As an alum, the opportunities for involvement and engagement are limitless. You can refer candidates to our business programs. You can mentor students, assisting in their career development. You can stay in touch with faculty and fellow graduates at alumni networking events and reunions. You can join alumni clubs, boards and councils. You can give back to the University with a charitable gift or get involved with our Advancement Team. You can even enroll in electives for course credit or audit classes as part of our Lifelong Learning program. Most importantly, you can remain a vital part of the Wake Forest community long after graduation day.  Explore the additional pages in this section for more information on how you can get involved.

Paul Sanford

MBA Class of 2005

The Wake Forest School of Business alumni network represents more to Paul Sanford than a networking tool – it is a learning resource. While Paul landed his first job at Microsoft through the alumni network, it has also helped him develop a vision of leadership: someone who can be respected, followed, achieve buy-in and build a consensus around what needs to be accomplished. He currently runs the engineering team at Splunk, a start-up software company that recently went public.

Sydney Thomas

MA Class of 2013

Sydney earned undergraduate degrees in Psychology and Spanish before her early work experience in corporate sales. Still unsure of the right career path to pursue, she decided the best option was to further her education. Sydney chose the MA in Management program due to its flexibility and broad exposure to the business world. She values the resources that were available during the program, specifically the faculty and staff who ensure a quality experience. Sydney also took advantage of the Wake Forest School of Business Alumni network, which helped her land her current job at MaxPoint Interactive.

Michael Hamon

MA Class of 2012

When Michael completed his undergraduate degree, he felt that something was missing. He had critical thinking skills, but needed to develop his communication skills and business acumen. He chose the MA in Management program at Wake Forest to gain the skill set he required to advance his career. While in the program, Michael found that teamwork was a key component of the curriculum that helped refine his communications skills and ultimately prepare him for a job at KPMG.

Courtney Jeffus

BS Class of 2007

Courtney attended Wake Forest University in part because she fell in love with the campus at first site. She reveals the most important skills she acquired during her time here as an undergraduate business major and emphasizes the high level of preparedness she felt during her career search due to the resources the School of Business provides.

Peter Geissinger

MA Class of 2013

Peter was drawn to the MA in Management program at Wake Forest because of its broad appeal and small class size. He appreciated the exposure to a wide range of business courses among a diverse class population. Peter also valued the chance to interact and learn from those with distinctly different educational backgrounds. His experience in the program helped him to quickly discover his passion for finance. He currently works at CSX Transportation in a financial leadership development program.

Helen Barnes

MA Class of 2013

While Helen values her undergraduate degree in Anthropology, she didn’t necessarily see herself choosing a career in that field. Without enough work experience after college to be accepted into an MBA program, she decided to explore options that could immediately impact her career. Helen chose to come to Wake Forest specifically for the Master of Arts (MA) in Management program. The career training she received during the program was highly valued while her business courses gave her the knowledge and confidence for recruiting interviews that ultimately helped her land a job at FritoLay.

Andrew Blaisdell

BS Class of 2003

Andrew Blaisdell graduated in 2003 and currently works at CEB, a member-based advisory company. He was attracted to Wake Forest University specifically for the Business School. The most valuable skill he developed aside from technical training was effective communication. His experiences both inside and outside the classroom have prepared him for where he is today.